Post 034. A Scrappy Path to Spiritual Detachment


Scrappiness is something like one of my core values. Several years ago, reflecting on unrealized goals, the meta goal of transcending scrappiness, registered itself. Scrappiness alone is not virtuous in the typical professional climate, but a business without scrappiness somewhere in its DNA usually feels a bit soulless. On a personal level, I think happiness has to go with scrappiness—being in touch with the original vitality in the original mission can provide emotional levity and empowerment. Risk can be present, but not endangering or stifling.

Entrepreneurial longings have led me to pursue several ventures or glorified ideas that never left the ground. I could call myself an entrepreneurial failure, but I’m too stubborn to leave it at that.

I’ve often found it perversely gratifying to learn from the inside of what can be called defeat, or again, failure. Wannabe-ism is its own little tragic love story trajectory, pathetic, hopeless, and self-indulgent as it is. The pursuits I’ve attempted are an undeniable part of my fabric.

So I’ve said the F word. Fabric. Just kidding, failure. But where this could go down a rabbit hole of whoa, or stew along the lines of many well-trafficked musings on failure, it’s led me to a new and intriguing spiritual pursuit: detachment.

Bundles of hopes directed at realizing aspirations have been preserved over a path of many years by the notion that persistence will pay off. I clutch to the notion that, when the time is right, there will be a fulcrum of opportunity and experiential knowledge from which to manifest the dream.

Learning to loosen up

I’m in the early stages starting over, through an exploration of spiritual detachment, a beginning somehow apart from tempered ideals that are as ill-fitting as kid clothes. I’m a noob in this exploration and happy to be one.

Bridging past experience and new beginnings, is my belief that it’s up to the individual to create their own opportunities to walk into. Some people strut, some people dance, I’m not currently capable of either, but I’m moving forward just the same out of necessity and desire.

When like, opportunity-filled minds meet, the communal architecture expands, creation multiplies, movements collect force.

To forge a substantial idea-come-object, the ability to reach out and connect is crucial. Nothing novel or beneficial can be formed purely from the vacuum of one person’s mind. Believe me, I’ve tried. The pairing of vision and intuition with the instrument of ability is needed to materialize an idea, to socialize it, to test it. Theoretical inventions serve no utility. If you trust in form, and physicality—seeing it to believe it—utilities of the mind are impotent. The gap between thought and form is where the elasticity of faith is put to the test of reality. This is the place where scrappy thoughts have an imperative to become scrappy objects, if the idea is one intended for trade. In software development, the scrappy object is known as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

I am trying to make simple things faster. To bring private gestures of creative enterprise into the light, and to let them stand on their own, to prototype with a sense of urgency. Refinement is a luxury. Perfection is the enemy of progress, as its often said.

Even persistence needs a little slack, to ride out an experience—a venture of one kind or another—to stay in something that you believe in until you can taste the bread, at least the first loaf to take a snapshot of its taste and texture for posterity. To form a complete memory. To satiate the original scrappy “what if?”.

The party is always just beginning

I’m afraid of leaving a party—or quitting a dietary variable—early, attached to the fear that the moment I part ends up being the moment before things get pumping. This fear is likely due to a shortage of lifeforce, an elasticity of will, and resilience of faith. That’s where I seek education on detachment.

Mortality strikes into sharp focus the need to fully inhabit the present as a unified collection of opportunities, where single choices must be made, and singular outcomes accepted.

Conscious detachment honors the self within time-space limitations without feeling cheated. My renewed entrepreneurial goal is to not just stimulate progress through persistence, but reform and honor persistence in a broader light, to elevate scrappiness and happiness.


I highly recommend checking out Dr. Robert Morse, Naturopathic Doctor, who inspired exploration of detachment, mentioning it somewhere in the high 200s of the 300+ videos on his YouTube channel.

A well-principled article on practicing detachment: “Just Let Go” on Yoga Journal


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