Post 017. Marin Civic Center

jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_01_DSC_3651 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_02_DSC_3643 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_03_DSC_3444 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_04_DSC_3589 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_05_DSC_3428 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_06_DSC_3465 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_07_DSC_3609 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_08_DSC_3484 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_09_DSC_3451 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_10_DSC_3479 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_11_DSC_3536 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_12_DSC_3523 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_13_DSC_3825 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_14_DSC_3543 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_15_DSC_3552 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_16_DSC_3505 jeff-warrington_marin-civic-center_17_DSC_3811

Marin County Civic Center
Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), Completed 1962
Marin County, CA

“The community center would mean more because it would be a salient feature of every countryside development of the county, wherever the county seat might be. The civic center would always be an attractive automobile objective—perhaps situated just off some major highway in interesting landscape—noble and inspiring.” —Frank Lloyd Wright


December 27, 2014


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