Post 015. Open Mind, Open Vocabulary


This week, a bit of Monday’s spreading to Wednesday after a wonderful and reflective Sunday.

I’ve been collecting phrases that people use to describe ideas or feelings that are often marginalized or judged: woo hoo, frou frou, hippie dippy. And along these lines, thinking about the notion that modern society seems to be ready for some new vocabulary free of judgmental prefacing, to express modern life challenges and expand dialogues.

Podcasts are a great barometer of the state of language. A recurring theme seems to be that artists, using that term very broadly, who are highly conscious, almost always use a preface, to say ‘ok what I’m going to say now may sound a bit [insert favorite aforementioned two-word judgement here] but my point is... .’ It’s going to take some time, as we transition between old linguistic modes and new ones, but I think its an exciting change and an interesting opportunity to turn an ear toward personal and social growth.

As someone who lacked awareness of any spirituality for many years, and straight-out resisted it, I maintained impermeable boundaries between my perceptions of logic and spirituality, naïvely treating them as mutually exclusive. I’ve since been more open-minded. There is no specific outcome for this journey but I believe I’ve experienced some growth.

One practice is that of meditation (Vedic, specifically). Sunday, I attended a group meditation to reconnect and recharge, and recognized the contrast between old barriers and new opportunities afforded by a more open-minded vocabulary.


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