Post 014. L’Indispensable Guide to Paris (1950s)

jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_01_DSC_3121 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_02_DSC_3069 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_03_DSC_3022 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_04_DSC_3032 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_05_DSC_3065 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_06_DSC_3067 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_07_DSC_3094 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_08_DSC_3099 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_09_DSC_3044 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_10_DSC_3054 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_11_DSC_3085 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_12_DSC_3075 jeff-warrington_l-indispensable_1950s_general-guide-to-paris_13_DSC_3082

L’Indispensable Guide to Paris
Pocket Guide to Buses and Metro
More info to come.

Between maps that are full of character, the pages feature a lively mix of mid-century geometric typefaces (primarily), including a beefy printing of Metroblack (1937), designed by W.A. Dwiggins, and its institutionally-designed companion, Metrolite.

Found in a New York junk shop, I’ve had this as one of my favorite typographic objects. Until now and prior to owning this book, I incorrectly assumed that Dwiggins was commissioned to design the Metro type family for the Paris Metro, but in fact, the Metro commission was from Linotype to create a distinct geometric typeface given the market demand for such styles in the 1930s.


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