Post 002. Manifesto In-progress

I’ve always admired manifestos, or more specifically the drive of people or groups compelled by manifestos. In the past, I have aspired to either identify with one, or create my own. Behind the mission of this format, a blog, as an extension of personal and professional growth, the time is ripe for a personal manifesto.

Here’s a crack at version 1.0:

Health is foundational. Health and creativity are interconnected to live with vitality and purpose.

Each day is a new opportunity to venture into the world in search of truths that respect my values and those of others.

Learning and growth are the underlying forces that I seek to harness and engage in as a means of being an authentically connected communicator.

Projects will follow a mission that is clear about discovering, developing and defining messages that serve a culture to their best potential.

I take pleasure in process. Process is truth. Craft is a refinement of asking questions that best reveal truth. Form follows action. Momentum is generative and therefore invaluable but not precious or a device of prejudice.

I create because I am curious and desire to engage with the world and those around me through spiritual interconnection. To codify and clarify around causes that elevate values worth celebrating.

JTW, Oct. 21, 2014

Version 2.0 to come.



The First Things First Manifesto 2000, published by Emigré, has always stood out in my mind as a totem of politically-activated design thinking. I don’t totally buy into it (pun intended) but the socially-conscious message resonates and is as clear and meaningful as ever, and sets a high bar.


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